International Sepsis Conference in Sudan & Khartoum Resolution

The Sudan Sepsis Alliance hosts International Sepsis Conference and is given a prestigious GSA Award by the Global Sepsis Alliance.

The Khartoum resolution was produced - Sudan has agreed to host a conference of African Ministers of Health to discuss a joint strategy for Africa. African countries are urged to develop a similar program to tackle sepsis.

Over 700 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, and students met at the international sepsis conference organised by the Sudanese Sepsis Alliance on February 1st, 2018, in Khartoum. Participants discussed the challenges and opportunities for improving sepsis care in Sudan and Africa. They also discussed achievements and what needs to be done to improve prevention, recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation. A preconference meeting was also held on the January 31st, 2018, and chaired by Professor Mamoun, Khartoum State Minister of Health.

Most of the participants were from Sudan, however, other African countries such as Nigeria, Djibouti, and Kenya were represented. Representatives from the Global Sepsis Alliance and the African Sepsis Alliance were also present.

We would like to highlight the following:

  1. The Sudanese Sepsis Alliance was given a prestigious GSA Award. This award recognises all the work they have done to improve sepsis prevention, recognition, and treatment in Sudan.
  2. A Khartoum resolution was agreed to arrange a conference of African Ministers of Health to develop a joint strategy and plan for sepsis improvement in Africa. Professor Mamoun agreed to sponsor and host the conference within 12 months and in collaboration with the African Union.

Professor Konrad Reinhart, Chair of the Global Sepsis Alliance, said “This is a great achievement for Sudan and the African Continent. Sudan is leading the world in sepsis improvement and other African countries should learn from it”

We urge you to sign the Kampala declaration and support sepsis improvement in Africa. Everybody in Africa has a right to survive sepsis.

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Unveiling the Logo of the African Sepsis Alliance

Today, the African Sepsis Alliance is incredibly excited to unveil its logo. 
The colorful circle of people emphasizes the amount of teamwork and dedication necessary to free Africa of sepsis. If you want to join our fight against sepsis, please sign the Kampala Declaration or get in touch

We are looking forward to hear what you think about the logo - please give us feedback on Facebook or get in touch to let us know. 

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Sign the Kampala Declaration and Support the Fight Against Sepsis in Africa

On October 20th, representatives from the African Sepsis Alliance, the Global Sepsis Alliance, the African Federation of Critical Care Nurses, and the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses came together in Kampala, Uganda, to formulate demands and steps necessary to fight the global silent killer sepsis in Africa. 

We urge you to commit your organization or yourself to the enclosed pledge and, in so doing, join the body of enlightened people and organizations from Africa and around the globe dedicated to reducing the health, economic, and human burden of sepsis. Please sign the Kampala Declaration and contribute to saving millions of lives every year.

Download the Kampala Declaration now (PDF, 0.3 MB).
Please click here to sign the Kampala Declaration on now.
Download the official pledge to sign the declaration (PDF).


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Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome to the new website of the African Sepsis Alliance - we hope you like it. 
We are just getting started, so please excuse us for looking a little rough around the edges. 

If you want to contribute, join, or get in touch, please contact us

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