About Us

The African Sepsis Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 as a collaboration of African countries and international professional bodies dedicated to improving outcomes from sepsis. Our message is simple: sepsis is the most important cause of severe illness in Africa and must be prioritised in order to save lives and reduce suffering.

Our mission is to achieve an Africa free of sepsis . Everybody in Africa has a right to survive sepsis and  we provide leadership to reduce mortality and suffering from sepsis.

We would like to reduce the impact of sepsis (mortality and suffering) by bringing about large scale improvements in sepsis awareness, education, care, research and funding in Africa – we can save millions of lives every year. 

The ASA is supported by the Global Sepsis Alliance, the African Federation of Critical Care Nurses, and the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses.


African Sepsis Alliance - Leadership

Dr. Emmanuel Nsutebu, UK, Chair
Dr. Kamal Osman Margani, Sudan, Executive Director
Sis. Halima S. Kabara, Nigeria, Vice Executive Director
Dr. Shevin Jacob, Uganda, Secretary General
Dr. John Appiah, Ghana, Vice Secretary General
Dr. Jamie Rylance, Malawi, Treasurer
Prof. Martin Peter Grobusch, Gabon, Financial Secretary
Prof. Andrew Argent, South Africa, Communications & Membership
Faustina Excel Adipa, Ghana, Vice Communications & Membership
Prof. Mervyn Mer, South Africa, Advocacy Officer


Advisory Board

Prof. Konrad Reinhart, Global Sepsis Alliance
Prof. Niranjan Kissoon, Global Sepsis Alliance
Prof. Hussain Al Rhama, ECCC
Prof. Gerald F. Williams, WFCCN
Dr. Nabil Abouchalla, MCCA
Dr. Janet Diaz, WHO
Michael Huyghue


For any questions, feedback or opportunities, please contact us.